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Postdoctoral Scholar Positions

The BELLA Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) has two openings for Physicist Postdoctoral Scholars.

Developing ion acceleration with laser plasma accelerators. Work on experiments at the BELLA PW to explore advanced laser ion acceleration regimes to generate high energy proton and ion beams for applications. This involves working on the development of innovative plasma and particle diagnostics, the manipulation of key laser pulse parameters such as the temporal contrast, and novel target technologies that enable high laser shot rates. Combining these experimental methods with numerical simulations will enable in-depth investigation and optimization of advanced ion acceleration regimes. You will also take part in other general experimental BELLA Center activities. The posting may be viewed here.

Developing ultrafast fiber laser technology. In this exciting role, you will be working on developing ultrafast fiber laser technologies, nonlinear laser pulse compression, and their novel applications on laser-plasma accelerators (LPA). The BELLA Center at LBNL’s ATAP Division seeks to develop high repetition rate, terawatt, ultrafast fiber laser technology, with the goal to drive multi-kHz, MeV-class LPAs.
The successful applicant will explore novel methods in the field, including coherent combination of laser pulses in temporal, spectral, and spatial domains, gain narrowing compensation, state-of-the-art high-power fiber amplification, nonlinear pulse compression, new LPA methods, and advanced digital control of laser and accelerator systems including machine learning. Combining these methods with numerical and analytic physics models, we have been running proof-of-principle demonstrations of energy-scalable technologies, moving toward increasingly energetic laser systems. The posting may be viewed here.

The Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division, parent organization of the BELLA Center, has other exciting job openings as well.