Berkeley Lab

BELLA and LaserNetUS

LaserNetUS logo, linked to their siteLaserNetUS, a network of high-intensity laser facilities across the US where researchers can apply for beam access, has opened its first call for research proposals. The deadline is March 18.

It is anticipated that the winning proposals for this initial “Run 1” will be announced in mid-2019, with experiments to ensue through the remainder of calendar 2019.

To ensure a successful first round of experiments on this fast-paced timeline, potential users are strongly encouraged to contact BELLA staff directly and early for preliminary discussion. Applications for beamtime on BELLA’s lasers may then be made through the LaserNetUS website.

A webcast with question-and-answer session, covering all LaserNetUS facilities, is scheduled for 8:30 am PST on Friday, February 15, 2019.

The BELLA facilities available to outside users through LaserNetUS are described in detail here.